Metals & Minerals

Whether mined, refined or manufactured metals, minerals and ores, we can certify their true intrinsic
value by independently inspecting, sampling and testing. We have qualified and experienced

Inspectors and Chemists who can deliver reliable and quality results. So if your interest lies in ores,
concentrates, finished steel, coal and coke or ferro-alloys, trust us to assist you in achieving a
commercial settlement which truly represents the value of the consignment.

Our services include:
• Stockpile survey
• Stock and warehouse audits
• Loading and Discharging survey
• Visual inspections
• Precision weighing by weighbridge or high precision balances
• Representative sampling
• Draft surveys
• Moisture determination
• Supervision of unpacking, loading and discharge
• Vessel hatch/hold inspection
• Contractual advice
• Security audits
• Party and umpire testing

We have invested in a state-of-art metals & minerals testing laboratory. We know that time equals
money. That is why we are proud of our industry leading turnaround times. Through our network of
specific minerals and metals testing laboratories we can provide an independent determination of
quality when you need it.

• Metals and minerals – Using Inductively Coupled Plasma – MS (ICP-MS)
• Classical wet bench chemistry as well as technologically advanced instrument determination
• Verification of material condition and segregation
• Representative testing of samples
• Moisture determination
• Visual assessment of quality