Agro Commodities

Agriculture Division offers a wide range of inspection, control and special services to the industry.
Within Indonesia and regionally, PT AIS has made and will continue to make significant investments
to its human resources, infrastructure and laboratory equipment so that experienced and well-trained
teams of Inspectors, chemists and technicians provide the highest quality and speed of services
relating to quality and quantity determination.

The company’s chief belief is to protect the interests of its principals whenever commodities are
traded or distributed. To facilitate and realise this belief, strict procedures are created and
implemented to ensure measurement and inspection techniques adopted are designed to reduce
losses and prevent contamination. Additionally we provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to
complex trade and quality related requirements of our principals.

PT AIS provides an extensive range of solutions to the Agro Commodity Industry. Our expertise
includes bulk cargo inspection of agricultural products, quality control, supervision of
loading/discharge and other related services.

In order to represent our principals and certify quantity and quality of Agro Commodities during
loading and discharge of vessels, we have a network of specialists and laboratories in major ports to
ensure contractual terms are complied with on a 24/7 basis. With our experience in handling
operations, we can offer services to mitigate the risks our principals face. With FOG (full outturn
guarantee) type of services, CCIC covers and takes full responsibilities for discrepancies in weight
between loading and discharge.

• Cleanliness Inspections
• Weighing and sampling
• Supervision of Loading and Discharge
• Testing and Analysis