About Us

PT Agraprima Indonesia Samuderatama (AIS) is a locally registered inspection company in Indonesia.
The company has a strong and highly experienced pool of management team, Chemists and
Surveyors. PT AIS is the strategic partner of PT CCIC Jakarta and CCIC Singapore Pte. Ltd., which are
overseas subsidiaries of China Certification and Inspection (Group) Co., Ltd.
Looking ahead, PT AIS faces unprecedented opportunities and challenges to provide high quality
services in the fields of commodity inspection and testing. Through professional excellence and
uncompromising dedication to our clients’ requirements, the company spares no efforts to develop
core competitive advantage, and to market our services to the whole world.

Strong Technical Force
PT AIS offers a high level of technical excellence for inspection and testing services for various
commodities. All laboratories under our partner CCIC are accredited to ISO 17025 standards.
Impartial, Accurate & Swift Professional Services
PT AIS is dedicated to provide impartial, swift, reliable and localized services throughout our network.
Tailor-made services will be provided to meet individualized requirements.

Rich Social Resources
PT CCIC Jakarta, a strategic partner of AIS, is part of the China Certification & Inspection Group and
is an independent legal entity which is incorporated by voluntary enterprises or organizations with
China Certification and Inspection (Group) Co., Ltd. being the parent company. CCIC Group has a
network that consists of 37 domestic and 21 overseas subsidiaries, and more than 200 sub-branches/
offices, covering major ports and trade centers throughout the world. There are about 300 offices and
Laboratories and 25,000 employees work for the group around the world. CCIC have also established
cooperative relationships with more than 120 inspection agencies in some 60 countries/regions.

PT AIS is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard, demonstrating its compliance to the highest
quality and technical assurance; and in order to conform to one of its key principles of continual